Introducing the CitCap Accelerator Program

Citizen Capital is proud to announce the CitCapX, a new initiative to bolster the Neo Tokyo ecosystem and its thriving community of innovators. This program is designed to facilitate fundraising for promising Neo Tokyo-based projects, offering a platform that merges trust, transparency, efficiency, and legal compliance for fundraising endeavors.

Purpose and Scope of the Accelerator Program

Our Accelerator Program is distinct from our typical investment strategies. It's tailored to spotlight Citizen-led projects, providing them the opportunity to garner investments at an early stage. While these projects don't undergo our standard investment process, they represent mature, investment-ready initiatives with clear strategies and are fully doxxed.

In the upcoming weeks, we will release detailed information about the application process for Neo Tokyo Citizen-led projects eager to join our incubator.

Target Audience for the Accelerator Program

The program is specifically aimed at Neo Tokyo Citizens spearheading projects that are poised for growth. Citizen Capital recognizes the potential in these ventures and commits to aiding them with legal, marketing, and investment support.

Marketing Strategy for Accelerator Projects

While we will assist with marketing for Accelerator projects, our focus will be calibrated differently compared to our traditional investments. Our objective is to maintain equitable support across all participating projects, avoiding any perception of favoritism and ensuring a level playing field.

Investment Dynamics in the Accelerator Program

To participate in Accelerator investments, Neo Tokyo Citizens with an S1 or S2 status must be part of Citizen Capital through $BYTES staking - How To Join. Investments will be facilitated via our website, in CitCapX tab. These investments managed separately from our regular investment stream, will feature a 72-hour FCFS (First-Come-First-Serve) window with variable investment caps set by each project. The investment period will end either when the allocation is filled or upon expiry, whichever occurs first.

Key differences in the Accelerator investment process include:

  • Project-led pitch decks, AMAs, promotions, and community engagement.

  • Citizen Capital's role is limited to consulting and fundraising support without endorsing project quality.

  • FCFS investment window with project-determined minimum and maximum investment caps.

  • Investments might include tokens, equity, whitelists, or combinations thereof.

For legal compliance, Citizen Capital will manage investments through a Special Purpose Vehicle, especially for token/equity/whitelist management.

Here's a comparison between traditional Citizen Capital investments and Accelerator Program investments:

AspectTraditional InvestmentAccelerator Program Investment

Location on Website

Main landing page

Dedicated section

Investment Window

Single, distinct periods

Concurrent with traditional investments


FCFS / Unlimited

Singular FCFS window with variable limits

$BYTES Staking



Marketing Support

Full CitCap marketing

Primarily informational

The Vision Behind the Accelerator Program

Citizen Capital is enthusiastic about offering the Accelerator Program to Neo Tokyo's citizens. Our goal is to empower our builder community by providing avenues for raising friendly capital. This initiative is aimed at fostering growth and offering NeoTokyo Citizens ground-floor investment opportunities in notable projects.

As we refine the structure of the Accelerator Program, we remain committed to our mission of supporting Neo Tokyo and its community, believing firmly that a rising Neo Tokyo tide lifts all boats.

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