🔑How To Join

This page will set out the minimum requirements and how to join our Citizen Capital Launchpad as an investor.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. You must own at least an S1 NeoTokyo Citizen or a S2 NeoTokyo Citizen.

  2. You must own and stake $BYTES with Citizen Capital ETH: 0xa19f5264f7d7be11c451c093d8f92592820bea86

    • 200 BYTES for unstaked S1 Citizen

    • 150 BYTES for staked S1 Citizen or S2 Citizen (both staked and unstaked)

Steps to join:

  1. (Optional) Stake your Citizen at Neo Tokyo website This can be completed by following this guide. During these steps, you also have the option of staking $BYTES to yield $BYTES as well as increase your Citizen Capital investment allocations (more details can be found here The Investment Process). The longer the duration of your staking period, the larger your Citizen Capital investment allocation.

  2. (Required) Stake $BYTES on the Citizen Capital Launchpad If you have a staked S1 NeoTokyo Citizen, the required number of $BYTES to stake is 150 $BYTES. If you have an unstaked S1 NeoTokyo Citizen, the required number of $BYTES to stake is 200 $BYTES. If you have an unstaked or staked S2 NeoTokyo Citizen, the required number of $BYTES to stake is 150 $BYTES. Here are the steps to connect to the Citizen Capital Launchpad and stake $BYTES.

    • Access the Citizen Capital Launchpad here.

    • Connect your web3 wallet that is holding your soul-bound NeoTokyo Citizen (issued when you staked your Citizen in step 1 above). Your wallet must be on the ETH/MATIC or BNB network.

You may have more than one staked Citizen in your wallet. Multiple staked Citizens will additively stack to increase your maximum investment allocation. You need to stake at least one of your Citizens for all of the Citizens in your wallet to be eligible to invest.

  • After connecting you will be taken to a landing page (below). Click the "Settings" button.

  • You will be directed to this page. Click "Get Bytes" if you do not have 150/200 $BYTES in your wallet. Make sure you set your allowance to the appropriate amount of $BYTES needed to stake. Click "Stake" to stake the $BYTES in your wallet. You need 150/200 $BYTES to stake.

  • After clicking "Stake" you will be taken to this popup. Click "Stake" to stake 150/200 $BYTES.

  • After executing the staking transaction the following screen will pop-up to confirm the successful staking of your $BYTES.

Congrats. You are now eligible to invest in the Citizen Capital Launchpad.

To unstake your $BYTES, you must wait 3 months. After 3 months, you will have the opportunity to unstake your $BYTES during a 3-day window (the "Unstaking Period"). Once you miss this Unstaking Period, you have to wait another 3 months to unstake. Please note you must have a Citizen (any citizen) in your wallet to unstake $BYTES.

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