Overview of MysteryBoxes

Citizen Capital introduces MysteryBoxes — a digital enigma filled with undisclosed rewards. Each box potentially contains exclusive allocations, rare NFTs, and unique discounts. The contents remain a mystery until opened, offering a blend of anticipation and excitement akin to a surprise gift.

Acquiring a MysteryBox

🎁 Exchange with BYTES:

Experience the excitement of the unknown by exchanging BYTES for a MysteryBox. Be aware, that the availability of these boxes is limited and their prices may vary.

🎲 Participate in the Lottery:

Join the Citizen Capital lottery for a chance to win. It's more than luck; it's an opportunity for adventure.

The Lottery Explained

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Stake BYTES: Mandatory staking with Citizen Capital.

  • Minimum Investment: At least $500 invested in the past three months.

  • NeoTokyo Citizenship: Essential for participation.

Ticket Allocation System:

Citizen Capital selects up to 50 winners monthly. Following each giveaway, ticket counts are adjusted.

Redeeming MysteryBox Codes

To redeem rewards from your MysteryBox, a redemption code will be provided. Use this code in the Citizen Capital Discord server for redemption.

Redemption codes are single-use only and should be kept confidential. Misuse or loss of the code leads to forfeiture of rewards.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • MysteryBoxes Sold Out

    Indicates all boxes are claimed.

    Wait for our next restock. Early access is available for those who've already secured a box.

  • No MysteryBox Available

    Suggests all boxes for the current period are claimed.

    Await the next restock and ensure to act promptly.

  • General Inquiries

    For any other issues, contact our support via the Citizen Capital Ticketing system.

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