🎟️Guaranteed Allocation

This page cover all aspects of the 'GA' upgrades, including how, when and why to use them!

Invest smarter, not quicker

Guaranteed Allocation Upgrades (GAs) are specialized upgrades available on the Citizen Capital investment platform, designed to enhance the investment experience for the citizens. These upgrades are particularly useful for securing investment opportunities without the competitive pressure typically associated with some of the more lucrative opportunities we have to offer.

Designed to provide a strategic 'edge' for the citizens

Guaranteed Allocations are essentially premium upgrades that investors can purchase using $BYTES tokens on Citizen Capital's Investment platform. The primary function of these upgrades is to assure investors a reserved spot in an investment, particularly useful during highly competitive opportunities or for when investors just need a bit of extra time to jump in and secure themselves and Investment allocation in a too-hot-to-miss opportunity.

Using Guaranteed Allocation Upgrades

GAs come into play during the "Pending" phase of an investment's lifecycle on the Citizen Capital investment platform. By applying a GA upgrade to an investment during this phase, an investor secures a guaranteed position once the investment moves into the First Come First Serve (FCFS) phase.

Guaranteed Allocation Contribution Sizes

Using a Guaranteed Allocation reserves you an allocation up to your maximum contribution cap, with a $5,000 cap limit (please see our calculator here to determine your cap).

For example:

Citizen A has a max allocation of $700, by using a GA upgrade, Citizen A will be able to invest up to $700 within 24 hours of the Investment going live.

Citizen B has a max allocation of $7000, by using a GA upgrade, Citizen B will be able to invest up to $5,000 (the cap) within 24 hours of the Investment going live.

Exclusive 24-Hour Window

Upon transitioning to the FCFS phase, citizens who have utilized a GA enjoy a 24-hour exclusive window to contribute to the investment. This reservation period ensures that you do not need to compete with others to secure the investment slot.

Should you fail to make your contribution within this 24-hour window, the GA expires. This results in the loss of both the upgrade and the reserved investment slot, which then becomes available to other investors on the platform.

Citizen Capital imposes a cap on the number of GAs available for purchase, introducing scarcity and exclusivity to this feature. Furthermore, due to the volatility of the $BYTES token, the price of GAs are subject to market fluctuations.

Acquisition and Pricing

Cost of Guaranteed Allocations

Citizens can purchase a Guaranteed Allocation upgrade for a cost of 30 $BYTES tokens. This pricing aligns with the USD value of $BYTES and as previously mentioned, is subject to change at the discretion of the NeoToyko leads.

Non-Expiry and Activation

A notable feature of GAs is that they do not expire. The countdown for the 24-hour contribution window begins only when a GA is applied to a specific upcoming investment during the "Pending" phase.

Purchasing a Guaranteed Allocation Upgrade

Citizens can navigate over to the "UPGRADES' tab on the Citizen Capital investment platform to purchase a Guaranteed Allocation assuming the availability 👇 https://citizencapital.fund/app/upgrades

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